Before you begin, you may want to read the laboratory manual and then experiment manual.

The overall setup of the wind tunnel.  This wind tunnel has a 1 square ft. test section a maximum flow velocity of 50 m/s.

A close-up of the inclined water manometer board and the data acquisition system and the computer.

A picture of the data acquisition board with 12 bit A/D, Timers, Digital Control and Digital Sampling.  

A picture of the silencer section of the wind tunnel.

The inlet of the wind tunnel

A close-up of the test section with the NACA 0015 symmetric airfoil with 10 cm chord with surface pressure taps on one surface.  The airfoil spans the tunnel test section and a multi-tube water manometer board is used to monitor the surface pressure taps and provide a visual display of the dynamic changes associated with varying attack angles.

An interesting close-up view of the inlet of the wind tunnel

Last update:  October 09, 2007

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