University of Toronto Aerospace Undergraduate Studies Laboratory Coordinator
Institute for Aerospace Studies
Division of Engineering Science
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
University of Toronto
The AeroLab is currently seeking a continuing sponsor to be adopted as a namesake. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact the Lab Director for further details.
The AeroLab would also like to thank the following for their generous support:

Advanced Motion Controls provided a number of motor drives and power supplies to the Aerospace Laboratory.
PACE granted a Sun V40 Server for the Design Laboratory.
Microsoft donated 35 licenses of Office 2003.
Datamirror donated two-year funding for Aerolab Network Facilities upgrades.
The Kenneth Molson Foundation granted three-year funding for the Remote Access Aerospace Laboratories.
Atmel Grenoble
Atmel donated 8 In-Circuit Emulator and AVR Starter Kit units to the Engineering Design course.
Microsoft donated 50 licenses (and CD's) of Windows 2000 Professional and Windows NT 4.0 to the Engineering Design Course.
Quanser provided 2 Multi-Q Data Acquisition boards to the Design Lab.
Infineon Technologies donated 16 FingerTIP™ sensors and 1 SDK kit to the Engineering Design course.
VeriTouch donated 16 units of EPP boards and cables to the Engineering Design course.
Pollex Technologies donated 1 set of POLPass® system with its SDK software to the Engineering design course.
Microsoft donated 20 licenses (and CD's) of Visual Studio 6.0 to the Engineering Design Course.
Atmel Grenoble
Atmel Grenoble donated 16 thermal fingerprint sensor chips tot he Engineering Design course.
Molex offered 20 flexible PCB connectors to the Engineering Design course.